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Established since July 2000, with the support of customers all over the provinces and companies from the near industrial parks is the biggest motive for JAPAN ASIA is constantly striving to improve. Quality of service, increase of abundant source of goods.

With the business motto "MAIN GOODS - PRICE LIGHT", we would like to affirm that JAPAN ASIA is your only stop, which is the most diversified and suitable place. The demand for HYDRAULIC BOLT types that you are looking for.

Sincerely thank you for choosing our item. Wish you success, Happiness & Happiness

Best regards.

We work with partners to rationalize project plans that not only bring the perfection of the product but also bring time - so important to succeed in a highly competitive market where each day is counted.



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Zurcon® Scraper DA22

Dust Seals / Scraper Seals / Wiper Seals


Piston Seals

zurcon® - u-cup ru9

Rod Seals

POLYPAC® - Selemaster SM

Rod Seals

zurcon® rimseal

Rod Seals


Hydraulic seals

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Xây dựng

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